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The BillionDollarArtGallery will change the way you think about art because you will live with the greatest museum in history.

The BillionDollarArtGallery turns your big screen TV into an art gallery with 500 of the most beloved, famous and culturally important paintings in history. We call it the BillionDollarArtGallery because, even if you could buy these paintings, the collection would cost billions of dollars. The BillionDollarArtGallery will transfix you and your friends with the breadth and beauty of the paintings. You may have seen these paintings in books, but, when you see them on a large screen, you will see detail that you never saw before.

As a gift or house-warming present, the BillionDollarArtGallery is better than a bottle of wine because, while wine will be quickly forgotten, the BillionDollarArtGallery will enthrall art lovers and change the lives of those who may have never had an interest in art.

Learn more about each painting by clicking the Info button on your TV’s remote control or going to the painting directory on your smart phone. Either way, you’ll see the name of the painting, the painter, the year it was painted and the museum where you can see the original.

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